Karena Kirby

Originally from Burlington Massachusetts, Karena Kirby has recently relocated to Hopkinton, NH. Karena is the mother of four children—Noah, Chloe, Isaac, and Jordan. She graduated with a degree in finance from the University of Massachusetts Lowell in 2003 and has been a homeschool Mom for the last six years. In 2004 Karena discovered she had Celiac disease. Since then she has been living the “Gluten Free” lifestyle. Her mission is to make gluten free living as accessible as possible. Karena handles our social media and currently assists in baking crusts as well.


Katie Hemingway

A New Hampshire native, Katie Hemingway has been a resident of Bristol most of her life. Katie is the mother of four children—Morgan, Connor, Turner, and Aurora. She is a pianist and studied music at Crown College. Katie has been involved in family businesses since the age of four and has managed a small business since 2008. She handles our billing and bookkeeping.


Cheryl Keith

A New Hampshire native, Cheryl Keith was involved in the New Hampshire ski industry from 1981-2006. Also, in 1990, she helped to found Basic Ingredients Bakery in Bristol, NH. From 2006-2009 she traveled Europe with Snow Magic, a snow-making service. Then, in 2009, Cheryl struck out on her own and launched Berry Delicious Bakery in Plymouth NH making delicious gluten free baked goods. In 2018 Cheryl entered a partnership with Karena Kirby and Katie Hemingway and formed Zeia Foods LLC. When she isn’t overseeing the production of fantastic tasting pizza crusts, Cheryl enjoys spending time with her large family and hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.