More than just pizza

Here at Zeia, we’ve been wondering what else we could do with our delicious gluten free pizza crust. I started playing in the kitchen and made the most amazing Gluten Free Garlic Bread Sticks! I always feel bad for my gluten free husband when we eat at restaurants. Buttery rolls appear on our table and we usually have to send them away. Imagine instead being able to order gluten free garlic bread on the side of your gluten free pasta?

Here is how I made it:

One Zeia Foods crust, thawed.

3 T melted butter

Garlic powder

Sea Salt

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Place thawed crust on a round pan. Spread melted butter evenly on crust and then sprinkle with garlic and sea salt. Bake on the pan for 13 minutes, slice in strips, and serve warm. This tastes great dipped in marinara sauce. Enjoy!