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Michael Pappas, owner of Zeia Foods, loves pizza! When he realized that his friends and family affected with food allergies could not enjoy pizza, he set out on a mission: to discover the best gluten-free pizza crust.

His search led him to Cheryl Keith, owner of a small pizza crust bakery in New Hampshire. By mixing brown rice, tapioca flour and other pure form gluten-free ingredients, Cheryl had cracked the code for a truly delicious and light textured gluten-free pizza crust.

Cheryl was so inspired by Michael’s passion for “Pizza for All” that she sold him the business. His passion for pizza brought Zeia Foods to Connecticut, and now everyone can enjoy a delicious gluten-free pizza crust!

“Zeia” (pronounced Zee-uh) comes from the Greek language meaning “ancient grain”. Our mission is to provide pizza kitchens and pizza lovers with our amazing “Zeia” Certified Gluten Free Pizza Crust.

“So good you’ll forget it's gluten-free.”
– Michael Pappas, Zeia Foods

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